Why Training

6 February 2019

Employees are the first line of defence against cyber-attack.

Most employees will know of the dangers of opening unsolicited email attachments; but far fewer will be aware that both the company printer and their personal mobile phones are potential gateways into the company network. How many of them have seriously thought about the dangers of oversharing workplace details and information on social media?

Common sense is an invaluable weapon in Cyber Security, if it looks wrong it probably is.  Basically, Staff should treat the virtual world like the real world. If you wouldn’t give it away to a stranger in a café, don’t make it available online to one

Education is the key, but a balance needs to be struck. Employees need to know the risk their online activities pose in a clear and concise way without over complex and time-consuming procedures and mind-numbing jargon. Staff need to be regularly reminded of the present danger of cybercrime in a way that is relevant to them both at home and in the office.