Ransomware Preparedness 

Is your company prepared for a Ransomware attack? Have you got a playbook that is up to date and fit for purpose? Have you tested your prepared response to an attack?

If the answer is no to any of these questions then your company is at risk from one of the most prevalent threats facing online companies at this time.

Protect 2020 has a great deal of experience in dealing with this type of incident with the majority of its staff coming from a law enforcement back ground with specialisation in Cyber Crime, including former members of the UK’s  National Hi-Tec Crime Unit (NHTCU). 

Our staff have been on the front line dealing with cyber incidents for over 25 years. Our experience in interacting with cyber criminals and investigating cyber crimes has positioned us ideally to assist companies who are being targeted. Our hands on experience is unsurpassed. 

We have a great deal of knowledge around cyber threat actors and their tools and tactics. We can help in decryption and data recovery, threat actor attribution, case management and Ransom Settlements. 

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