Staff Cyber Security Awareness Training For as little as £12 per person

Our training will help you to: 

  • Develop a secure culture within your company 

  • Turn your staff into your best line of defence against cyber attacks

  • Increase Staff awareness 

  • Secure your company against the main cyber attacks such as Ransomeware and Spear Phishing

47% of businesses fell victim to cyber attacks last year.

The average cost of a successful cyber attack is £234 per employee *  

Our training WILL lower your risk significantly.

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*source = Ponemon Institute


The course is fully interactive, engaging and cost-effective, helping your company to lower its cyber risk and keep you compliant with current regulations including the New GDPR and ISO 27001.

Your staff are being targeted right now!

Cyber criminals know that the easiest route into any company is to get a staff member to inadvertently to let them in. They will try and con and scam their way in, by use of social engineering such as, phishing and spear phishing emails that contain malicious links or attachments.

Your staff can be your best security asset.

With our training your staff  can develop a sound understanding of the cyber risks and how to mitigate them, equipping them with up to date knowledge, enabling them to remain safe, both at work and at home. Our Cyber Security Awareness training package is split into subject matter modules.

Each module covers individual aspects of cyber security and the various cyber threats facing businesses today. The modules are interactive and engaging with knowledge checks and training for security best practices, ensuring your staff remain your best cyber security asset.

The modules covered during the Cyber Security Awareness Course are:

  • Social Engineering / Phishing

    • An in depth look at Phishing and spear phishing, including how to identify suspicious emails and other scams currently being used by cyber criminals and how to mitigate them.
  • Dangers of Social Media

    • Covers the dangers of Social Media and looks at how criminals mine information for nefarious purposes. It explains how to use social media safely.
  • Secure Passwords

    • In this module we cover the importance of Password Security. We show how to create a secure, memorable password. One that is not easily guessed or hacked.
  • Removable Media

    • This module covers the potential dangers of the misuse of removable media and explains how to use it safely.
  • Safe Use of The Internet

    • In this module we cover the dangers and risks faced when using the Internet. We show how to identify suspicious websites and describe how to navigate the World Wide Web securely.
  • Secure Beyond the Office

    • Beyond the office cover the additional risks faced when working outside of the company network. It covers the dangers of insecure free Wi-Fi and the importance of physical device security.
  • Final knowledge Test

    • On completion of the training the user takes a 20-question, multiple choice, knowledge test covering all the main points from the learning modules.

Each student who completes the knowledge check with the required passmark then receives a signed certificate of achievement.

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