About Us

The Company

At the Protect 2020 Academy we have developed E-Learning training modules that are interactive, engaging and fun to use. Each course is designed and created to deliver cost effective training solutions to all levels throughout your company.

We are a fast-growing company in an innovative and exciting industry. We have a passion for training and have developed courses that help to change and develop individual behaviours or even upskill an entire workforce.


Why Protect2020

Up-to-date and Accurate

Our training modules are written and developed by leading industry experts and updated regularly.

Bite Size Learning 

All our training is split into short modules (10 minutes or less) = Less staff down time and makes it easier to take in the key points.

No Jargon

Straight forward and easy to understand because we use plain English, no technical jargon.

Easy Access 

Our web-based learning platform can be accessed from anywhere at any time.