Trade Secret Training

Does your company have trade Secrets?

Did you answer yes or no?

Well the answer is probably YES.

Just about every company generates and maintains trade secrets.


It is extremely important that companies keep their trade secrets SECRET. 

Our trade secret training has been developed in collaboration with IP Wales and some of Europe’s leading experts on Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets.

The course is engaging and fully interactive, covering the all of the main points that will help your staff keep your trade secrets secure

The UK Trade Secrets (Enforcement etc) Regulation 2018 together with the UK Corporate Governance code places a fiduciary responsibility on company directors and owners to protect their trade secrets.

Training staff to ensure they understand their role in helping your company to keep your trade secrets secret is highlighted in the recommendations. 

If your company has trade secrets, you need to train your staff to help protect them.

Contact us now and we can help you keep your Trade secrets SECRET!

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